photo by Chloe Rice© 2020

Erika is a multi media artist based in Nevada City, California. She creates stunning works of art ranging from expressive and colorful abstract paintings, to highly realistic, captivating, black and white portraits. 

Originally from Worthington, Ohio, Erika spent much of her childhood begging her art teachers to let her stay after school or spend recess painting in the art room. Her love of artistic expression expanded into the world of dance, and dancing ballet at a pre-professional level allowed her to have an incredible unique and independent adolescence. 

Erika attended the Ohio State University majoring in Fine Arts before moving to Los Angeles, California in 2006. She turned every new venture into a creative and personal artistic expression, and never passed up an opportunity to learn a new skill. Erika has had successful careers as a visual merchandiser, photographer, pastry chef, cake decorator, cheese monger, saxophone specialist and floral artist. In addition, she has created her own businesses as a fitness instructor, cross stitch & embroidery artist, alternative model, illustrator, painter, photographer, and designer. 

Erika's genuine excitement and passion for life and beauty can be seen in every piece. She uses her unusual synesthetic experiences to explore colors and movement in her abstract pieces, while her ability to focus on intimate details creates gorgeous, life-like portraits with incredible texture.